hydroxypropyl starch ether for gypsum-based products

HPS Main application

1.food industry, used as thickener, suspending agent and adhesive.

2.in the paper industry, it is used as the internal and surface sizing of paper to make the printing ink bright and uniform, the glue film smooth, reduce the ink consumption, and have a certain roughening ability.

3.in the textile industry, it is used as warp size to improve the abrasion resistance and weaving efficiency during weaving. Hydroxypropyl starch with high degree of substitution can be used as printing paste.

4.pharmaceutical industry, used as tablet disintegrating agent and plasma increaser.

5.oil drilling, stabilizing well wall, improving borehole conditions, anti sloughing, flocculating drilling cuttings, etc.

6.daily chemical industry, used as adhesive, suspending agent and thickener.

7.in the food industry, it is used as adhesive, thickener and suspending agent to increase stability.

8.building materials industry, all kinds of (cement, gypsum, lime calcium based) internal and external wall putty; Various finishing mortar plastering mortar; All kinds of gypsum, ceramics and porcelain products are used as molding adhesives with low ash and good viscosity; It has good thickening and stability, and plays the role of suspension and emulsification in aqueous solution.

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Product Details

HPS is a kind of ionic hydroxypropyl starch ether, which is produced by a series of chemical and physical reactions with starch as raw material. It is a kind of non-toxic, tasteless white or beige power, which can be dissolved in cold water to form transparent or translucent viscous liquid. It is effective in thickening, adhesion, dispersion, emulsification, suspension, adsorption, surface activity, water retention and so on.  

ETON Hydroxypropyl starch ether is a kind of chemical modified starch mainly used as thickener and texturing agent for cement or gypsum based mortar products. Hydroxypropyl starch ether is used for construction.

ETON HPS is a cost-saving material and is easy to obtain the required thickening. In wet mortars, it offers non-sag, anti-slip properties, good work-ability and low stickiness.

Structural formula 

Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose(n-2)/2






5% solution Viscosity mpa s




Loss on drying %


Burning residue %


Bulk density g/L


Hydroxypropyl %


HPS application features

1. provide very good rapid thickening capacity; Medium viscosity, high water retention;

2. the dosage is small, and a very low filling amount can achieve a very high effect;

3. it can be used with methyl cellulose (MC) or hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) to reduce the use of cellulose ether;

4. improve the overall anti sag ability of the material, so that the material will not flow down (slide) when smearing or pasting other materials;

5. it has good lubricity, which can improve the operating performance of the material and make the operation smoother.

HPS  Hydroxypropyl Starch Hydroxypropyl Starch   Hydroxypropyl Starch

HPS packaging and storage

Barrel or paper plastic bag lined with polyethylene film inner bag. Net weight of each bag: 25kg.

Protect from sun and rain during storage and transportation.

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