The company has established an independent R & D technology center, has R & D and innovation platforms such as Shandong Engineering Laboratory (Engineering Research Center), Shandong enterprise technology center and academician workstation, drafted 5 national, industrial and provincial local standards, and has successively obtained more than 40 patent authorizations.

The company has deeply practiced the concept of green development, built an advanced MVR sewage treatment system, and built a sludge incineration power generation project. The sewage treatment meets the discharge standards, sludge incineration turns waste into treasure, biogas recycling, and power and steam "back feeding" production, forming a green circular ecosystem.

The company has fully focused on customer value, followed the product differentiation development strategy, created core products, set up a comprehensive technical service training system of "experts +TS+ business managers", accelerated the upgrading of products, technologies and management, and fully implemented the "three five" development strategy of building materials and high-end products, channels and terminals, and domestic and export sales accounting for 50% respectively, Strive to build a cellulose ether R & D and production base with core competitiveness in Asia and even the world within five years.