About us

Shandong Eton new materials Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shandong Eton group, is located in the chemical industry park, Shiheng Town, Feicheng City, Shandong Province. It covers an area of more than 1000 mu and has more than 500 employees. It is the vice chairman unit of China cellulose industry association and the first drafter of two national standards, namely GB/T 34263-2017 hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose for industrial use and GB/T 35928-2018 polyanionic cellulose, The unit participating in drafting the industrial standard JC/T 2190-2013 cellulose ether for building dry mixed mortar. The company has successively won the honors of national high-tech enterprise, the first batch of national green factories of the Ministry of industry and information technology, HPMC national manufacturing single champion enterprise, national intellectual property advantage enterprise, national specialized and new "little giant" enterprise, Shandong gazelle enterprise, Shandong technological innovation demonstration enterprise, Shandong excellent enterprise, etc.


The company mainly produces building material grade, food grade, pharmaceutical grade and other cellulose ether series products, with a design capacity of 50000 tons. It is an important manufacturer with the production capacity of cellulose ether and starch ether series products at the same time, with complete categories and wide applications. The leading products are: hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC), hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose (HEMC), hydroxypropyl starch ether (HPS), hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC), ethyl cellulose (EC), etc., which are widely used in building materials, ceramics, food, medicine, cosmetics, military industry and other fields, and are sold all over the country and exported overseas.

Shandong Eton new materials Co., Ltd.,