In order to thoroughly implement the spirit and requirements of the Shandong Provincial Government Safety Committee Office "on the Notice of" the first Class during the resumption of work and production ", quickly recover the holiday heart, establish the concept of safe development, comprehensively
2023/02/01 13:52
SHANDONG ETON New Material was selected into the list of pilot demonstration projects of integrated development of new generation information technology and manufacturing in 2022Recently, the Shandong province industry and information technology hall in the website of the Shandong province industry
2022/12/29 10:12
Recently, Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology released information on the website "Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology on the announcement of 2022 New generation of information technology and manufacturing integration development
2022/12/28 11:32
Since this year, a teng new materials around to speed up the transformation and upgrading, power "three five" development strategy implementation, further seize the development of "commanding heights", enhance enterprise core competitiveness, the company as the first resource, the talent
2022/11/18 10:03
Company and product profile--Shandong ETON New Material Co., LtdHydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose(HPMC), Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose (HEMC), Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose (HEC), Hydroxy Propyl Starch Ether(HPS)widely used in construction, tile adhesive , pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, detergent,dry
2022/11/05 12:29
Shandong Yiteng New Materials Co., Ltd. has been approved as a national postdoctoral research station by the Office of the National Postdoctoral Management Committee in 2022.Postdoctoral research station refers to the organization that develops and trains postdoctoral researchers in enterprises
2022/11/05 11:42
Water retention of cellulose ether: In the production of building materials, especially dry powder mortar, cellulose ether plays an irreplaceable role, especially in the production of special mortar (modified mortar), it is an indispensable and important part .The important role of water-soluble
2022/10/26 14:37
• Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose and Hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose are used in cement skim coat/wall putty as a thickening and water retention additive.• It promises the high Consistency control performance and stabilizing of air pores.•ETON promises high performance and excellent working
2022/10/26 14:19
To implement the national 2022 "quality month" spirit, strengthen the company quality development foundation, accelerate the company "three five" strategic goals, improve the company quality management system construction, enhance the overall quality awareness, in the 45th national "quality month"
2022/09/24 15:54
The 2022 Shandong "Chinese Brand Day" event was held in Liaocheng, which was co-sponsored by the Shandong Provincial Market Regulation Bureau, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the provincial Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee and the People's Government of Liaocheng
2022/08/19 09:03
Cheng Yuanjun went to Eton new material company to investigate the enterprise transformation and upgrading operation and development On April 26, Cheng Yuanjun, the long of the high-end chemical industry chain of Tai 'an, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee, the secretary of the
2022/05/17 15:24
On July 11, the first half of 2022 work summary meeting of Eton New Material Company was solemnly held. General Manager Teng Kun, Executive Deputy General Manager Li Jinliang, Deputy general Manager Liu Tao, assistant general Manager Gu Wensheng and other leaders attended the meeting, and the main
2022/04/14 16:10