Introduction to cellulose etherCellulose ether, as one of the most important additives in water-based coating systems, has always been of great concern to coating customers. The ETON New Materials R&D team has carefully analyzed market demand, conducted meticulous research and development
2024/03/08 14:54
    February 27th,2024 Russian Coatings ExhibitionGrandly held in Moscow, the capital of Russia,The exhibition has becomeAn international exhibition in the paint industry with global influence, leading the way for innovation and green development in the paint industry.ETON New Materials CompanyAs a
2024/02/29 10:59
Dear______ Sir/Female      Thank you for your long-term support and trust in Shandong ETON New Materials Co., Ltd! Our company is participating in the Russian Coatings Exhibition (Interlakokraska 2024) and we hope to use this opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas with everyone, so that we can
2024/01/20 10:51
Full participation, one hundred days crucial | ETON materials to carry out the main head of production safety and commitment activitiessafety in production, We will strengthen our awareness of the red lines and build a strong security line.In order to thoroughly implement the deployment
2023/05/20 16:28
ETON new materials to carry out the "May Day" to welcome the "May fourth" staff outdoor training activitiesTo carry forward the "build a good teng, build a happy life" enterprise vision, happy work, happy life, enhance enterprise staff cohesion, improve employee happiness index, in the "51"
2023/05/08 16:38
Construction happy enterprise, create a happy family | ETON new materials in the workplace high EQ communication and children's education trainingTo carry forward the construction of a good teng, build a vision of happy life, further enhance employee happiness, building happiness enterprise, in the
2023/04/23 15:46
Hand in hand, win-win future! Shandong ETON new material, appeared in 2023 API China, the scene display of pharmaceutical grade cellulose ether products, in the name of health, jointly build the dream of mutual win.At the exhibition site, I communicated with customers and upstream and downstream
2023/04/15 15:01
Cellulose ether industry leader —— Shandong Yiteng new materials appeared in the European paint Exhibition (ECS2023)The European Patings Exhibition (EUROPEAN COATINGS SHOW) was held in Nuremberg, Germany on 28-30 March 2023. The exhibition is the largest professional exhibition in the world coating
2023/04/01 10:59
A new era, women's exhibition style | ETON new material celebration "38" female worker symposium and rich and colorful interesting activitiesIn order to further enhance the centripetal force and cohesion of the company's female workers, in the 113th "38" international Women's Day, on March 8, a
2023/03/18 13:48
ETON new materials to carry out company level simulation actual combat emergency rescue drillIn order to effectively enhance the emergency handling and rescue work of production safety accidents, further strengthen the employees' awareness of emergency prevention and improve the emergency handling
2023/02/25 09:40
  In order to effectively enhance the emergency treatment and rescue work of work safety accidents, further strengthen the staff's emergency prevention awareness and improve the emergency disposal ability, test the training results of "The first lesson of starting Work", and train the professional
2023/02/20 15:27
In order to thoroughly implement the spirit and requirements of the Shandong Provincial Government Safety Committee Office "on the Notice of" the first Class during the resumption of work and production ", quickly recover the holiday heart, establish the concept of safe development, comprehensively
2023/02/01 13:52