Shandong Eton New Material Co., Held -- 2022 First Half of the Work Summary and Second Half of the Work Deployment Meeting

2022/04/14 16:10

On July 11, the first half of 2022 work summary meeting of Eton New Material Company was solemnly held. General Manager Teng Kun, Executive Deputy General Manager Li Jinliang, Deputy general Manager Liu Tao, assistant general Manager Gu Wensheng and other leaders attended the meeting, and the main heads of all departments and workshops attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the main persons in charge of each center and each department first summarized and reported the completion of the work in the first half of the year, and through the summary and in-depth analysis of the main problems existing in the current work, made clear the next steps to be taken. In order to fulfill the annual work targets and tasks as scheduled, General Manager Teng Kun put forward further requirements for the staff and made important arrangements for performance indicators.

Teng Kun, general manager of the company, made an important speech at the meeting. Firstly, he expressed his gratitude to the heads of each center, each department and all the staff for their hard work. In the first half of 2022, the external market environment was severe and complex, but everyone closely focused on the company's "three five" development strategy, seek development, frequent layout, find ways to solve problems, unity and cooperation, joint efforts, outstanding completion of the first half of the work target, help the company stand out in the fierce market competition. At the same time, he hoped that in the second half of the year, everyone could continue to firmly develop confidence, build a platform and cooperate with each other around the set goals, and work together to make a good "game of chess", so as to achieve the annual goals and tasks of the company and achieve high-quality development of the company. Secondly, in order to improve the basic management and lay a solid foundation for the company's development, General Manager Teng Kun also shared with you on the management concept. He pointed out that in management work, firstly, influence should not be the right, more communication should be done with employees, more listening to the inner demands of employees, strengthening personal responsibility and responsibility, constantly improving personal influence, and attracting employees to actively cooperate and coordinate work; Second, we should encourage more and criticize less, and be good at promoting more work and more gain through appropriate incentive measures, so as to stimulate employees' enthusiasm for work; Third, we should learn to be a coach rather than a referee, and strive to teach new employees by example without reservation. When encountering difficulties and difficulties, managers should always be in the forefront, make samples in time, and help solve problems rather than simply criticizing them. Four is to take the initiative not passive, to take the initiative to learn, take the initiative to take responsibility, combined with their own actual position, the use of system thinking to carry out the management work; Fifth, we should cooperate rather than go it alone. With the deepening development of the company, there is more and more cross-departmental cooperation. I hope everyone can cooperate sincerely and make common progress to help the company achieve long-term and far-reaching development.

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