ETON new materials held a new employee entry talk exchange meeting

2022/11/18 10:03

Since this year, a teng new materials around to speed up the transformation and upgrading, power "three five" development strategy implementation, further seize the development of "commanding heights", enhance enterprise core competitiveness, the company as the first resource, the talent construction to a more important position, made the new requirements of talent specialization, through training, to improve full quality ability, help the realization of the company development strategic goals. Recently, around the professional talent supplement, the company recruited a batch of professional counterpart new employees a total of 11 people, to meet the arrival of new employees, build communication platform, let it into the enterprise as soon as possible, into the role, on November 14 afternoon, the company held in the conference room on the second floor in 2022 new employees talk meeting, general manager Teng Kun, deputy general manager Li Qinghua, deputy general manager, deputy general manager Gu Wensheng, deputy general manager Yu Yajie, and foreign trade department head to participate in the activities.


The 11 new employees, some have just graduated from college students, some have accumulated certain work experience, they combined with their personal actual situation, respectively from different angles and different aspects, introduced their basic information, talked about their feelings and personal career development, enterprise development and other aspects of the suggestions. Their wonderful speeches, revealing their true feelings, from time to time caused bursts of applause. Have said, will cherish the platform, cherish the opportunity, cherish the post, patience, under the body, root, to study hard towards professional direction, one step at a time, learn technology, practice skills, strong quality, strive to in the future soon, grow into the enterprise development pillars talents, in the power enterprise development at the same time, realize the rising personal career.

Company leaders Li Qinghua, Liu Tao, Gu Wensheng, Yu Yajie gave full affirmation to the new employees' speech, and put forward their ardent expectations. To be a learning employee, a self-drive employee. To establish a sunshine mentality, spread positive energy. To take root in the line, root in the scene, learn, humbly consult. Be good at learning, be good at thinking, and be good at research. We should have the confidence from the "new army" to the "iron army". We should actively practice our corporate culture. Inculcate teaching, exchange and talk, expressed the care, care, care for the new employees, so that everyone further feel the company's strong corporate culture atmosphere.


Finally, the general manager of the company first expressed his gratitude to you for joining Yiteng, especially for your spirit, your attitude towards study and work, and your clear career planning. The general manager introduced the development process of the enterprise and the industry, especially the current company is in the new period of development strategic transformation, and strives to move towards the key nodes of the implementation of the three five development strategies. Everyone's joining is timely, which is not only needed for the development of the enterprise, but also needed for the promotion of talent specialization. Today's new employees present, safety engineering, environmental engineering, mechanical automation, material engineering, and so on, are very good professional, it can be said that the company around the most rich variety of professional categories, professional matching degree, the largest number of concentrated people in recent years.


At the same time, the general manager also from how to view and solve problems, how to communicate, through the case story, to give you a simple communication, encounter problems through the phenomenon of the essence, work to dig deep into the underlying logic, can not just see the surface phenomenon, to find the root cause of the problem. Master communication skills by talking about facts, feelings and needs. Finally, the general manager wants to wish you all a happy work, study hard, exercise your skills, grow up together, and strive to create a better tomorrow!